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Linda Ellis Eastman
Linda Ellis Eastman, President of The Professional Woman Network, founded the organization in 1982 with the primary goal of empowering other women to become trainers/consultants and giving them support. Today, another goal is to educate people on a global basis involving multiculturalism, self-esteem,and respect for all humans regardless of color, age, or gender.

Ms. Eastman is one of America's leading Corporate Trainers, and has designed seminars such as Diversity & Multiculturalism, Women's Issues, Women in Management, Corporate Image, and Wellness in the Workplace. Employees from the following corporations, universities, hospitals, and associations have attended seminars designed by Linda Ellis Eastman:

Jewish Hospital
Alliant Health System
Baptist Hospital East
University Hospital
Kentucky Department of Education
The Pentagon (Wash., DC)
The Department of Defense (Wash., DC)
American Heart Association
Internal Revenue Service
The United States Army
The United States Navy
Harley Davidson


Northern Illinois University: Psychology 1966
Skidmore College: Human Behavior 1998
The University of the South: Theology 2006


Who's Who of American Women
Who's Who of International Leaders
International Society for Intercultural Education
USA Today
Woman's Day
Dinah Shore Show


"Linda Ellis Eastman is an instrumental force who serves as the missing link in paving the way for many consulting practices birthed from ordinary individuals' ideas and visions. She is the driving force behind a library of professional and best-selling books that have been and continue to be tools to improve leadership skills, increase corporate productivity, strengthen family bonds, reconcile broken homes, and pave the way for unproductive youth. Women and men alike praise the research and resources included in her Professional Woman Library which are personally edited by Linda. Having been molded through this development process Ms. Eastman as Career/Life Coach was an invaluable experience for the completion of my book and building my corporation. She is thorough and very knowledgeable."
- Dr. Kanteasa Rowell

"Though PWN, Linda Ellis Eastman has created a vision for thousands of women and men to launch consulting and writing careers. She is a visionary leader who is personally connected to the success of each of the Network members. If you have the opportunity to work with Linda, SEIZE THE MOMENT!"
- Mike Coleman

Linda Ellis Eastman, CEO, The Professional Woman Network
P.O.Box 333 Prospect, KY 40059 502-345-4139

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