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Bruised But Not Broken Book Signing

PWN Book Signing and Conference - Louisville, Kentucky
by Samone Darden Lett

Hello All! I've just come back from a great women's conference in Kentucky where I was fortunate to meet spiritually grounded women doing some amazing things. The conference served two purposes for me: it involved a book signing platform for my latest authored release Bruised But Not Broken as well as a two day women's youth empowerment conference. My two days in Louisville were filled with inspiration and fun, all while being alongside women who were sincere in sharing knowledge and guidance with each other. PWN members also had an opportunity to socialize and mingle with each other while on a beautiful Mississippi River style steamboat with great music, food, and lots of fun. It allowed all the women who attended the conference to personally get to know one another. It was at the conference that I was able to establish some lasting relationships with other PWN members. Its been so great and it all started earlier this year with an invitation to be part of this unique group of women.

"The Professional Woman Network is the platform in which it's members have been able to release some amazing books."

Three months ago, I joined a professional women's network called PWN (The Professional Woman Network based in Louisville, Kentucky. The international network comprises of independent consultants, authors, and trainers who deliver workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches globally. PWN members include authors, life coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, educators, youth counselors, as well as spiritual leaders. Lead and founded by Ms. Linda Ellis Eastman, PWN is the platform in which it's members have been able to release some amazing books with such titles as, Raising African American Boys, The Christian Woman's Guide for Personal Success, Becoming Your Own Best Friend, and in August of 2010 Bruised But Not Broken. It was refreshing to be around women that acknowledged that God had given them a vision of greatness and that they had wasted no time in constructing it; they all are walking in their paths building the road towards success. Many are bounded in fear preventing them from moving towards their dreams. God has already given the authority to move in the gifts He has empowered us with; we only need to take those first steps. It was an exciting feeling to hear women be not only passionate about their relationship with God, but also share that passion through their businesses.

Some of the women who attended the conference are fairly new to the world of entrepreneurship; stepping out on their own to launch the vision God gave them. Others have acquired more experience through the years of building their businesses; their role in the conference was so essential in sharing tips with the women who attended. Nyda Bittmann-Neville who is president and founder of TNB Consulting Group, a global organization specializing in innovative marketing, communications, and image solutions. Ms. Neville delivered a captivating presentation about powerful leadership skills for youth. Her presentation challenged us to think about how leaders and mentors reach youth. Her presentation encouraged us to be role models and to teach accoutability to our young people. Many of the women at the conference, entrepreneurs with experience as well as beginning authors and life coaches, reminded me of some key concepts that I want to share with all women.

  1. Things To Keep In Mind, Ladies:

  2. Remember to stay in your own lane, ladies, and do not worry about what others are doing and achieving. Continue to busy yourself only in the divine calling that is upon you.

  3. Do not spiritually emerse yourself in the oooohhs and aahhhs of another person's success and where they have positioned themselves.

  4. Words are powerful so it is very important to make sure you're speaking positive words into your life as well as in the lives of others around you.

  5. Beware of toxic relationships and soul ties with others.

  6. Learn to use the gift of goodbye. Learn to understand that some things need to be let go of in order for you to move on to better things.

This conference has inspired me to continue providing spiritual knowledge for young women to follow, rather than them holding onto the lies and frustrations of the past. My dream is to continue to be influential in towards seeing young women in the understanding that with God all things are possible and that the power of choice is something God given. The power of "CHOICE" has been given to us to realize that there are other ways of living - beyond the bondage, frustration, pain, and lack that this world is filled with. Throughout my years of participating in prison ministry, I have witnessed women struggle with climbing out of some of the most difficult emotional and spiritual valleys. Through delivering the teachings of Jesus Christ and using his life as a model, it inspired many in prison with the revelation that there is hope; there are options out there even though many women were once lost. How they got there was usually because of pain, confusion, frustration, abandonment, doubt, but most significantly...CHOICES. I believe this book, Bruised But Not Broken will assist women on their journey to becoming a victor and not a victim of their past. It provides a guide for women who have been victims of domestic abuse, molestation, betrayal, or divorce. For these individuals, there can be a difficult journey to self-acceptance and positive self-esteem. Bruised But Not Broken provides a personal guide to facing and conquering the ugliness from our past. "Many women do not realize that the strength of the chains holding them back from enjoying relationships, embracing career opportunities and trusting others originates in or with abandonment."

by Charlene Sills

In December of 2009 I was laying on my bed going through an issue of Black Enterprise magazine. When I got to the classified section I paid close attention because I wanted to see just what other women of color were doing with their time, energy and money. I came across an ad for Professional Woman Network ( and immediately felt my spirits soar. I thought great, a women’s group who will sit and talk and share ideas about what we go through. I was so mistaken. I checked out the website and saw doctors, lawyers, professionals, teachers, ministers & youth leaders who had been brought together and written books on women, family, couples, and children’s issues. Although is it is called Professional Woman Network, there were men there as well who speak to the issues of young men.

For days I looked back at the site and was drawn to attending a certification seminar and as I stated before I was so mistaken. In January 2010 I attended my first Certification Seminar on Diversity and Empowerment. Our host Linda Ellis Eastman broke us down to our bare core and reshaped us into living breathing vessels of optimism to be used by God. After being turned inside out, she showed us just how powerful we are individually and collectively. At the close of the second day I knew I wanted to be a part of this exceedingly blessed and highly favored group of individuals. By the time we were leaving, Ms. Eastman presented me with the opportunity to be a part of three soon to be released books and I jumped at it.

Fast forward to August 2010, I attended the leadership conference with those same professionals and I am looking at my own name in print on topics I thought only mattered to me. These inspirational readings where as much a blessing to write as there were to read. When I went through the pages of my fellow authors I was truly mesmerized by the topics they covered. Bruised But Not Broken is a phenomenal book that speaks on topics like loving yourself, surviving abuse, forgiveness, sisterhood and so much more.

Bruised but not Broken    Teen Handbook for Self Confidence    Raising Healthy Children in an Unheathy World

The Teen Handbook for Self Confidence focused on the obstacles teenagers and young adults face just trying to make it day to day and

Raising Healthy Children in an Unhealthy World is for parents who need or want a little added blessing to help them be better at the task of raising offspring.

There are so many other motivational and inspirational books on the site ( I suggest you visit these sites and utilize these resources so they will quickly become a blessing for you, your church, your friends and your family.

Be Blessed
Charlene Sills

Linda Ellis Eastman, CEO, The Professional Woman Network
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